These are not easy topics: the indoctrination of children with divisive ideas, the hijacking of our schools, the politicization and corruption of our educational systems. That’s why it is critical to expose what is going on in our classrooms and school systems. There’s a reason people say sunshine is the best disinfectant.

At WokePA, we’re dedicated to investigating and exposing what’s happening inside our schools, and one of the best ways is to follow the money. 

If you see bad things happening in your school, one of the first and best things you can do to fight it is file a Freedom Of Information Act request with your school district. Because schools are taxpayer-funded institutions, FOIA disclosure applies to them — enabling you to see how much money the school is spending on “diversity and inclusion” consultants and other pricey, destructive initiatives.

We depend on you to be our eyes and ears, so please contact us for assistance. The below guide to filing a FOIA request will get you started.

You are Parents Defending Education!